Welcome to Sport Life Press

It’s time to say a big welcome to anyone who’s joining me in my area of the world wide web! I’m chuffed that you have found me and hope you’ll stay to find out a bit more about me and what the site is going to have to offer up in the near future. First Things first, I’m a massive Formula 1 addict.

This means that you can rest assured that Sports Life Press will be full of F1 and motor racing news, articles, overviews and more. However, my love of sports doesn’t stop short at anything with a motor vehicle involved so there will be a little bit for all sporting enthusiasts here on the site. We’ll be covering info and updates on loads of top sporting events, giving great advice on how you can get involved and providing hints and tips for how to keep up to date with all the sporting news possible.

As is common of most sports fans, I love to keep up to date with everything in the world of sport and this includes the weird and the wonderful side of my hobby too. That’s why every now and again we’ll also get a little bit of insight into some of the stranger, funnier and ‘outside the box’ sports like the ones in this clip…

I can’t wait to get started and I hope you guys can’t wait to join me back here for loads of inspiration, news updates and more in the world of sport.